WE practice YOGA, to balance the mind and body... 
WE teach a variety of classes, to cater to each individual's needs and strengths...
WE offer a loving yoga community... 
WE ARE Core Love Yoga and Fitness!

Come practice and shine with us! 


We have moved to Smyrna, Delaware!

We are located on Route 13 in Smyrna immediately after Delmarva RV Center. Across the street from Burger King. In the same building as Selina Francis Photography. 

Core Love Yoga and Fitness

Our mission is to help you enjoy a healthier, happier life.

Move your body, shift your mindset and lift your energy to achieve your wildest dreams.

At Core Love Yoga and Fitness, we offer a variety of classes for all levels in a welcoming, safe and non-competitive environment. We specialize in HOT Yoga ( 95-97 degrees), Yoga and Barre Fitness. We offer Yoga in the forms of Restorative, Yin and Vinyasa.  Our approach emphasizes the development of self-awareness through precision in movement and attention to posture and breath. Enjoy the benefits of a fully equipped yoga and fitness studio. The use of props extend your yoga experience whether learning new poses, creating new awareness in them or gaining therapeutic benefit. All of our classes are led by experienced and inspiring instructors, providing a balance of alignment, breath and mindfulness. We look forward to sharing the joys and benefits of these practices with you!

Visit our lovely space, take some classes and join our family! If you are a minor, we allow ages 14+ in our classes with a guardian.

Private Parties with groups of 4 or more people are available. 

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