Aerial Yoga- COMING SOON!

(Ages 14+)

*Barre/Grip Socks, t-shirts and a yoga mat are required for ALL Aerial Classes. 

(No tanks) No jewelry please. 


All new students start with Intro to Aerial Yoga. This workshop is offered every month. Sign up for the next Intro to Aerial Yoga course under "Workshops/Events" . (Ages 14+)


Our Intro to Aerial course is required before attending any of the other aerial classes! 

In this fun and informative course, you'll learn the terminology, the basic wraps and the safety instructions for your aerial practice.

All of our Aerial Yoga classes are 50 minutes long. 


Mixed All Levels Aerial

This class is for all levels. Students will be guided through a basic sequence of poses with options of more challenging modifications.



Aerial Restorative

This class can be done by all levels. You will stretch, renew and restore your body and mind in this purely relaxing class with lowered hammocks that are only inches from the floor. A great compliment to a regular Aerial Practice.


Aerial Open Play- (This is a special class we add once in awhile to our schedule)

In this class, students will have a free 50-minute practice space to advance their aerial technique with their basic wraps, poses and movements.


Aerial Nap- (This is a special class we add once in awhile to our schedule)

In this class you will relax and rest for 45 minutes of peace along with a guided meditation. Feel free to bring a comfort item such as a blanket with you.

Additional Information and FAQ

Aerial yoga is yoga practiced in a hammock suspended from the ceiling giving the practitioner ease of movement and safe accessibility to postures that normally could not be accessed from the floor. 


Being in the fabric supports the spine/hips/Joints in a way that allows students to maneuver in ways that they couldn't do otherwise.


This safe and fun style of yoga has many benefits and can be practiced by anyone of any size, age and shape. You do not have to be an acrobat at all! In fact it's quite the opposite. Flexibility and strength are not required to attend an aerial yoga class. 


In fact, the ACE (American Council of Exercise) found that women who did 350 minute aerial yoga classes Per week for six weeks Lost an average of 2 1/2 pounds and 2% body fat as well as an average of 1 inch off of their waist!


The benefits of aerial yoga include but are not limited to:

•Decompression of the spine

•Lymphatic movement

•Myofascial tissue release

•Core strengthening

•Greater muscle tone

•More flexibility

•The ability to safely experience more challenging poses 

•Greater calorie burn

•Increase in energy

•Lots of Fun!


Tips for a successful class:

•Hammocks can snag. Do not wear jewelry, belts, or clothing with rhinestones or anything that sticks out and could potentially snag the fabric. Please trim finger/toenails because they can snag the fabric too. If you have a ring that will not come off cover it with medical tape.

•do not wear perfumes, lotions, heavy makeup or essential oils to class as they may stain or eat away at the fabric.

•Please make sure your hands and feet are clean

•Let your instructor know of any injury or physical issues you have before class(pregnancy/injury/illness)

•Using the hammock while under the influence of alcohol or drugs will cause severe motion sickness.

•If you have had botox or other skin fillers, wait 24 hours before doing inversions

•Avoid acidic or spicy foods and heavy meals for at least 1-2 hours before class.

•please do not smoke/vape before class to avoid the fabric picking up the smells.


Q: what do I wear?

A: You'll want to wear long yoga pants/leggings that are at least Capri length. Men can wear long workout pants. It's best to wear a short sleeved shirt (something that covers your armpits to avoid fabric chafing. Please avoid clothing that does not cover the midriff. Please avoid loose or baggy clothing. Please practice good hygiene and make sure you are clean before entering the hammock and that your clothing is clean. Barre/Grip Socks are Required. As always, please do not wear shoes into the room.


Q: What if I am afraid to go upside down?

A: No problem. We want you to have fun and be safe. We will never make you do something that would make you uncomfortable. You never have to invert if you' don't want. But trust us we will help you become comfortable and overcome your fears!


Q: How much weight does each hammock hold? 

A: Each station (hammock/straps/ carabiners/ overhead beam) can hold 1000 pounds! That's right! They are sturdy and secure!


Q: I have high blood pressure. Can I still do this?

A: Please inform your instructor before class if you have any physical issues that prevent you from being upside down or putting pressure on your skin ( pregnancy/glaucoma/ high or low blood pressure/ skin injuries, etc...) we will suggest modifications for you to ensure a safe, fun practice. 


Q: Do I need a Yoga mat? 

A: Yes, you will need a yoga mat to place under our padded gymnastic mats to keep you from slipping.

* one on one sessions are an additional fee.

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