Barre Fitness 

(Ages 14+)


Barre Fitness is a fun, effective way to sculpt, shape and tone your body quickly!

We use a combination of free weights, resistance bands, balls and resistance rings with small isometric movements that torch calories and build lean beautiful muscles. No ballet experience needed! All of our Barre Fitness classes are 50 minutes long.

    *Barre/Grip socks required for barre classes!

Barre Fitness-

Learn the exercises with proper form to avoid injury and get the most from each move. Build your stamina and wake up your muscles. Barre is an intense, flowing barre workout that blends Pilates, dance and ballet floor barre with an in-depth understanding of movement science & bio-mechanics. There is an increased focus on precision, technique and flow. Barre is a unique, high energy/no impact exercise class that combines barre work and lightweights with continual fat burning motion. Central to the workout are toning and resistance exercises for the butt, legs, torso and arms to sculpt muscles and elongate the appearance of your body. The results speak for themselves. 

If you want a long, lean physique housed in a body that really knows how to move well....Barre is for you!


1. What is Barre?
Barre is a fitness style class that we offer that uses resistance bands, balls, weights, and a ballet bar.


2. What is the age requirement for Barre?
All of our classes are safe for ages 14 and up! Clients under the age of 18 must have a parent sign the Core Love Yoga and Fitness minor liability waiver.


3. Can I visit Barre on back ­to ­back days?
Yes, we encourage you to attend class on consecutive days. Regular attendance will help to build muscle memory and efficiency and alleviate muscle soreness. Because of the diversity of strength building exercises, guests should expect to feel some tenderness after every class, particularly in the beginning or after a break. You might consider varying the type of class you take on consecutive days by supplementing a yoga or aerial class.


4. How soon will I see results?
You will learn to engage your core with every exercise to feel a change after the first week, see a change after the first month, and achieve a noticeable Barre body before next season. We encourage you to embrace the powerful relationship between your mind and body, and energy. Focus your energy on a fulfilling and meaningful life and good health and beauty will come to you.


5. Will I lose weight?
Barre exercises target your largest muscle groups (legs, buttocks and so much more!) – the larger the muscle, the more calories burned. You will build lean muscle mass which burns the most calories even while your body is at rest. As you see results, you will be motivated to make better decisions about your nutrition. If you participate in Barre classes regularly and maintain a healthy lifestyle outside the Barre, then you will become slimmer. We challenge you to let go of the fixation with the scale and redirect your energy on total fitness, being strong inside and out. Perhaps more extraordinary than shedding pounds, you will love your body.


6. Will Barre classes make me bulky?
No! Barre routines will trim your body. The series of exercises strengthen and stretch every major muscle group in the body, targeting hard to reach muscles to burn maximum calories and attain a more sculpted shape. You will notice a redistribution of your body weight as sagging muscles become firmer and more lifted. In the beginning, this might give you the false impression of fuller muscles. As you stick with it, your muscles will become more compact and you will shed the fatty tissue between the muscles to achieve a slimmer physique.


7. Can I still benefit from Barre if I’m not flexible?
Yes! At Core Love Yoga and Fitness, you will become more flexible. We will alternate strength and stretching to exhaust your muscles before they are stretched to lend themselves more easily to stretching. Concentration and breathing techniques allow muscles to relax. Flexibility and range of motion are important in preventing injury and keeping your body youthful.

8. What should I wear?
To ensure proper alignment, it is suggested that guests wear formfitting clothing for Barre classes. We also require barre socks. They are available for purchase at the studio if you need a pair. Please bring a yoga mat.


9. Is Barre for women only?
Of course not! We welcome everyone!


10. Is Barre safe during pregnancy?
Yes! Barre is an effective work out that is safe to continue throughout your pregnancy. At the beginning of each class please let the instructor know that you are expecting so they can show you any modifications that may be necessary.

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