Bungee Fitness

We have Bungees that support up to 220lbs

(Ages 14+)


All of our bungee classes are 30 minutes. This is because 15 minutes in the bungee alone can burn up to 400 calories! This is similar to working out for an hour at the gym! We are also keeping our classes at 30 minutes in order to build up your tolerance to the feeling of the harness. It may not feel the most comfortable at first, but after spending a little time in the harness we promise you’ll get used to it!


Bungee classes have a 2 person minimum. (Ages 14+) If there is only one person booked for the class, we will contact you to put you in another class and allow you to bring a friend to an upcoming class at a discounted rate.


We understand that unexpected things come up. If you can't attend the class after booking and contact the studio within 4 hours of the class time, so we can open the slot back up, we would be happy to place you in another class. If you are a no-show, we will need to charge you for this reservation - we only have a few harness' per weight category. Bungee Fitness is ONLY offered at the Dover location.


What is Bungee Fitness?

Bungee Fitness is a high-cardio, core-strengthening and low-impact fitness program inspired by dance, aerial, and circus. Our quality bungee classes are stimulating workouts rooted in choreography, laughter and fun. Participants can expect to feel supported as they soar to new heights!​ Bungee fitness is accessible to people of all shapes, sizes, and ages offering benefits that you might not expect. By stepping into your harness and attaching yourself to the bungee, you will be allowing the resistance of the bungees to support your body and lessen the impact and pressure on your joints during exercises that are typically higher impact!
The bungee allows us to focus on building up our flexibility and core strength as well as improving our balance  through the various exercises. We also highly focus on alignment during our bungee classes to keep you safe! 

We have 4 different size harness'. PLEASE REMEMBER THE COLOR OF YOUR BUNGEE WHEN YOU BOOK, when booking please select the CORRECT harness for your weight category for safety purposes. (If you select the wrong weight range you will not be able to participate because it can put you at risk for injury.)

(YELLOW) -  Small- suitable for user weights 100-140 pounds (we have 3 of these) 60kg
(BLUE) -  Medium- suitable for user weights 140-170 pounds (we have 5 of these) 70kg
(GREEN) -  Large- suitable for user weights 170-200 pounds (we have 1 of these) 80kg

(RED) -  X-Large- suitable for user weights 200-220 pounds (we have 1 of these) 95kg

Please wear a t-shirt or tank top with leggings/jogger pants or sweat pants.

BARRE SOCKS OR SNEAKERS THAT HAVE NOT BEEN WORN OUTSIDE ARE REQUIRED.  If you forget them or do not have them- we will have barre socks available for purchase for $14.99 at the studio. 


*Bungee classes are scheduled through drop ins/ class passes. Class passes/drop ins are nonrefundable since it saves and reserves a harness for you. Bungee Prices are DISCOUNTED if you are a CLY member!

Q: What do I wear to a BUNGEE FITNESS class?

A: Wear comfortable clothing that you can move about in with ease. During the class you will be moving around and likely to become hot and sweaty, so make sure you can stay cool. You will need grip/barre socks or sneakers. These are available at the studio for purchase for $14.99 if you do not have them or you forget to bring them with you.

Q: Is there an age limit to attending BUNGEE FITNESS classes?

A: Yes, we allow ages 14+ to attend our classes with a guardian.

Q: Do I need to bring anything with me to a BUNGEE FITNESS class?

A: It is a vigorous workout so you are likely to become hot and sweaty. So it is a good idea to bring some drinking water with you. You may also wish to bring a small towel (but this is not essential) along with barre socks.

Q: Will BUNGEE FITNESS get me fit?

A: Yes! The class is designed to provide you with cardiovascular, strength, endurance, power and flexibility benefits, as well as a massive dose of adrenaline! We’re not kidding when we say it’s both exhilarating and effective.

Q: I sometimes have problems with my knees and back. Will I still be able to take part in BUNGEE FITNESS?

A: Many participants who have attended bungee fitness with problem knees and back have found that BUNGEE FITNESS has been well within their capability and the bungee effects have help alleviate knee and back discomfort for some. If you have an limitations please talk to your instructor before you begin so that we can create modifications for you if they are needed.

Q: I want to try BUNGEE FITNESS but I am scared of heights!

A: That’s alright…BUNGEE FITNESS starts with your feet firmly planted on the floor. Your BUNGEE FITNESS Instructor will firstly orientate you to using the bungee so you build your confidence alongside learning new movements and travel patterns as more complex moves will be included gradually. The Instructor is trained to take care by offering alternatives for you to select during the class.

Q: Is there an age, weight or height limit for taking part in BUNGEE FITNESS?

A: BUNGEE FITNESS is designed for adults (14+ years of age) and there is no height limit. When you attend a BUNGEE FITNESS class for the first time, the Instructor will show and teach you how to select the right bungee for you (bungees are designed to accommodate participants’ who weight up to 220lbs).

Q: Can I do bungee classes if i'm pregnant?
A: NO, for safety reasons we do not suggest doing bungee fitness classes if you are pregnant.


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