General Rules  & Procedures

This has been a trying time and we have missed each and every one of you.  We are so happy to have our Core Love Family back together again. You and our staff at CLY’s health and safety is and always will be of our upmost concern. To limit the spread of COVID-19 in accordance with the Health Department guidelines, we have implemented procedures that everyone – clients and staff MUST follow. These guidelines will take place immediately upon the reopen of Core Love Yoga and Fitness and will be updated on a regular basis keeping in accordance with the set forth guidelines. 


#1. Class Schedule Spacing for Sanitation-

Classes are scheduled at least 30 minutes apart from one another. This will allow for clients to enter the building, set up for their pre-registered class-one at a time at one of the designate areas, and for clients to pack up their mats, gather their belongs and exit class one at a time. This allotted time will also allow staff to re-sanitize door handles, counters and shared spaces between classes.


#2. Check-In Procedures-

Due to limited class sizes set forth in keeping within regulation, it is REQUIRED that clients pre-register for classes. We are only offering Yoga, Barre Fitness and Aerial Yoga at this time. We unfortunately will not be allowing walk-ins until further notice. If you’d like to become a member please contact management at


1. We ask that you please wait outside of the studio when you arrive, staff will indicate when you can enter the studio, one client at a time. Upon entering the building, we ask that clients sanitize their hands.


2. Clients will give verbal confirmation that they have not experienced flu or COVID like symptoms 24 hours prior to class (including fever). Clients MUST wear a mask when entering the building. (More mask details are listed under #5)


3. Clients will take their shoes off prior to entering the building and place all personal items in a bag that they provide themselves (we recommend that you leave your belongings in your vehicle if you can). Our cubbies/ couch and chairs will unfortunately not be available at this time to maintain distance and to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.


4. Clients are not permitted to change in the studio bathroom. Please be dressed and ready for class before entering the studio. (Studio temperature will be set at 72 degrees so please dress accordingly)

5. Clients are to go directly into the classroom when they enter the studio, set their mats up in their designated taped off area (Please bring your own mat), place their personal bag by their mats (including their slip on shoes/jackets/keys/silenced cellphones etc) and grab their props if they did not bring them from home. (We highly encourage you to bring your own props and you must take them home with you when you leave)


6. Client will return to their mat and wait for class to begin while other clients are arriving one at a time.


7. Clients may remove their mask and place it at the top of their mats when class begins, if at any time the client leaves their mat, the mask must be placed back on. Masks will also be required back on at the conclusion of practice. (It is required by the health department that the mask stays on, the only exception is when you are doing the physical practice.)



8. Teachers will direct the flow of traffic for clients to place their used props in a designated area and  exit the studio after class has ended one at a time. You are more than welcome to conversate in the parking lot. Please maintain your 6 ft distance.


If a client wants to make any sort of purchase, please stand behind the protective shield at the front desk. Instructors are encouraged to use their own personal devices to access the Wellness Living Achieve App and check clients in or clients may check themselves in using their mobile device. Our devices are available in the event a client needs to make a purchase.



#3. Social Distancing During Class-

1. Class sizes: No more than 11 people for yoga / 6 people for barre fitness (not including instructor) We will adjust these sizes as restrictions are lifted.

2. Tape is laid out in each room indicating where to place your mat. These have been measured to be a minimum of 6 feet apart. (There will be an X in the barre room located on the barre or floor to indicate where to set up)

3. Maintaining a 6 foot distance is REQUIRED at all times in the studio. This is for your protection and well as staying within guidelines of a safe re-open and to avoid any penalties or fines.
You are more than welcome to conversate on your mats while waiting for class to begin, while waiting for clients to exit one at a time and in the parking lot at the conclusion of practice.


#4. Hand-On Assistance-

There will be no hands-on assists, oil or eye masks at this time.


#5. Props-

We highly encourage that you bring your own props from home. If you use any CLY props we will have a designated area to leave the props at the conclusion of class to be sanitized thoroughly.


New Class Policies-

Core Love Yoga and Fitness’ policies have always guided a safe and fun environment for teachers and clients. As we make changes for reduced class sizes and sanitation procedures, we must amend our previous policies. Please take a careful look at the new policies for when you return to the studio. Clients that do not follow the new policies will not be permitted to take class and late cancellation penalties WILL apply.


#1. Practice Caution-

  1. Do not come to class if you are feeling under the weather, including, but not limited to flu or COVID-like symptoms. If you register for class and decide that it is best to cancel, please contact management to ensure you are not charged any late cancel fees. If you DO cancel with the assumption that you have COVID symptoms, you will be asked to stay away from the studio for at least 14 days or until you have received a negative test result for COVID-19.


#2. Masks-

  1. Wearing masks can help mitigate asymptomatic spread of the coronavirus.



#3. Class Cancellation-

As our class sizes are dramatically impacted by social distancing and sanitation procedures, we will enforce temporary cancellation policies.

1. Cancellation Window: Clients can cancel their class through Wellness Living 2 hours ahead of class time without penalties.

2. Late Cancellation: Clients that cancel within the 2-hour window before class or fail to show for class will be charged a $5 late fee. We will be charging the card that is on file and linked to your account.


#4. Courtesy-

Due to reduced class sizes and more managed entrance and exit of the studio, we ask that our clients maintain these policies as a courtesy to keep things running smoothly.

1. Please arrive to class 15 minutes ahead of time so that everyone can be checked in and set up for class on time. Clients that are not in class on time will not be permitted entrance and late cancellation policies will be applied.

2. Please leave any unnecessary items that might slow the check-in process at home.

3. Please be courteous of our other members by following the new safety guidelines.


Instructor Guide for COVID-19 Safety in Studio Setting-

Before Class:

1. Instructors are to do a self-assessment before entering the studio to confirm they do not have a fever and are not experiencing any sign of illness before class.

2. Instructors are expected to arrive at the studio 20 minutes ahead of their scheduled class time.

3. The studio will be ‘clean’ from the previous instructor. Instructors will do a brief check that all surfaces and handles are clean and may choose to sanitize before their class.

4. Instructors will enter with a mask turn on lights, set up their mat/ props, and prepare for clients to arrive.

5. Clients will wait outside of the studio until the instructor is ready for clients to enter.

6. Through the window or front door, the instructor will wave for students to begin entering the studio, one at a time.

7. Instructor will ask for a verbal confirmation that the student has not experienced any COVID-like symptoms in the past 24 hours and has not been in contact with someone that has confirmed a positive test in the past 48 hours. Students will sanitize their hands and go directly to the classroom to lay down their mat.

8. As a client is ready to enter the designated area, they will grab their props if they did not bring them from home.

9. Once a client has entered the designated area the instructor can give a signal for the next client to enter the studio. Please check your clients in on your mobile devices. The computer is available If you have a client that wants to make a purchase.

10. When clients are on their mats ready for class to begin you may instruct them to remove their face masks for practice. IF THEY LEAVE THEIR MATS AT ANY POINT, MASKS ARE TO BE PUT BACK ON.

After Class

1. Class will end on time.

2. Instructor will ask clients to place their masks back on and exit the room and studio one at a time. Clients will drop their props off in designated area when leaving the practice space. If the client brought their own props to class they must leave with them. Clients may use this time to socialize, at their mats until the last person is called. Instructors are more than welcome to socialize with the clients outside after class is over and everyone has exited the building.

3. Once all clients have exited the room, instructor will clean the floors and use sanitary items (either Clorox wipes or disinfectant spray and a hand towel) to wipe down things such as- props, reception desk surface if you were behind the desk, toilet handle, bathroom safety rails, bathroom sink faucet, bathroom door handle first inner and then outer, light switches, and with specified floor cleaner, the perimeter where mat spaces were used, Instructor will lock the door or allow new instructor to enter the studio.


Additional Instructions and methods:


We are doing our best to take all necessary measures to keep you safe. We have a professional from Enviro-Master Services coming in the building to spray weekly. They are a disinfectant fogging service. (Enviro-Master’s one-of-a-kind weekly Virus Vaporizer™ electrostatic spraying service uses an EPA registered disinfectant to kill some of the most dangerous, disease-causing pathogens, including COVID-19, MRSA, Norovirus, Influenza (including H1N1), Hepatitis, E. coli, Streptococcus, Salmonella, and even Tuberculosis.)

Our floors, bathroom, and check-in areas will be thoroughly sanitized each day between and after classes.


To maintain distance and for safety reasons, we will not be offering Aerial Silk, Bungee Fitness, Pole Fitness or Trampoline Fitness until further notice. Yoga, Barre Fitness and Aerial Yoga will only be available at this time. The schedule will be updated weekly.

We will be keeping the virtual yoga and barre classes going which will be included with your memberships. We will be adding 3 new workouts for you a week, some of which may be live or pre-recorded.

Everyone will have to sign a new waiver form upon taking their first class back in the studio. These waiver forms can be found under “Waiver”. We will have a bin where the waivers can be placed when you arrive.

Our studio is only open when we are holding our classes. You may look under schedule to view our class times.


Please take note that this is a family run business and there will be two weeks out of the year we are closed for vacation in addition to holidays.

*We use oils and incense in the studio. If you have allergies please make our staff aware.


© 2019 by Core Love Yoga and Fitness. 

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