Pole Fitness

Ages 18+

We offer 3 different series. You will be able to advance on to other series once you master your basic pole moves. Our Pole Fitness series classes are all 50 minutes long. Pole Fitness is ONLY offered at our Dover location.

1. Trying Something New: Beginner Pole Series- Learn the Basics

2. Getting The Hang Of It: Beginner and Beyond Series

3. Advance Your Pole Practice Series

Attire : Shorts, Tank Top, Barefoot, No Lotion, No Jewelry.

No refunds for missed classes.

4 week series- $140



1 - Trying Something New: Beginner Pole (4 week series- $140)

Pole Fitness- If you have never pole danced before, this is the class for you. For the first few classes of pole dancing, you will be comfortable practicing your first pole moves along with other newbies like yourself. This class combines a little bit of everything: stretching, abs, core workout, and the most basic pole moves. Learn at your own pace.


Learn how to protect your body and use correct form to build a strong practice.


In this series you will learn:


Walk around

Step around

Basic Climb

A Step

Hip Dips

Pole Sit

Fan Kick


Chair Spin


Knee Hook


Reverse Stag Spin

Stag Spin


Ballet Hook


and floor work!




2 - Getting The Hang Of It: Beginner and Beyond Series (4 week series- $140)


Take your time to really explore in a detailed and mindful way how to use energy, gravity and strength to learn additional moves. We will begin to piece some of the moves you've learned together.


In addition to reviewing the beginner series we will learn:


Back Arch

Back Bend

Back Hook Spin

Scissor Sit

Barbed Wire

Flamingo Pose

Martini Spin

Front/Back splits

Hook & Roll

Speed Bump

Knee Hold

Knee Swing

Shoulder Mount

Table Top

Fallen Angel
Transition Up The Pole


Pole Splits


Cross Knee Release

Fairy Sit

Pike Hip Hold



3 - Advance Your Pole Practice Series (4 week series- $140)


This class will take you even further by teaching combo spins, harder pole tricks and putting routines together. (Instructor approval to advance to this class required).

In addition to reviewing the first two series we will learn:



Ballerina Spin

Closed Rainbow

Dive Down

Cross Ankle Release

Baby Valentine

Brass Monkey

Figure Head

Flatline Scorpio

Hood Ornament

Inverted Crucifix



Remi Sit

Remi Lay Back



We are sorry but we do not offer makeup days, or refunds for our Pole Fitness Series Classes. We also do not do private sessions for our pole series. However the pole Party option is available for 4 or more people.

Once you have completed an entire series you may advance to the next. We will also have Pole Practice time you can purchase to advance your moves!


1.Q. Will Pole Dancing be too hard for me?
No, but it will be challenging! (Trust me, everyone in your class will have the same concerns as you do.)
Don’t be afraid! With pole dancing, everybody really does start from scratch…EVERYBODY!  Whether you are someone that hasn’t exercised in over 6 months or a die hard athlete, everyone has to learn to train their muscles specifically for pole dancing. No matter your age, weight, or fitness level, our pole series are designed to teach you proper techniques that will allow you to learn in a safe, controlled, yet challenging environment.  You will work hard, but you will have fun! You will feel muscles you never felt worked before! Oh, and plan on a few minor bruises… it always happens to beginners.

Know it will be challenging! This will be a totally new way to exercise every muscle in your body. As with most new things, if it’s worth doing, it will be difficult. There would be no sense of enjoyment or achievement if every spin or trick came so naturally that you didn’t even need to try. The great thing about pole dancing is that you can work on multiple moves at once. While there may be one move you struggle with, there will be others that you nail in the mean time. Over time, you will feel yourself getting better and stronger, it will give you such a great mental attitude, and you’ll really look forward to pole dancing class!

2.Q. Will I fall on my head? 
Our beginner pole series will not incorporate any inverted moves (upside down on the pole). Your instructors are highly trained and certified to teach you in the most professional, safest manner possible. No one will be asked to do any moves or tricks they are not physically or mentally prepared to handle. Techniques taught in these classes are to strengthen and prepare your body over time to advance to higher skill level classes.

3.Q. What should I wear?
Your skin making contact with the pole is what helps give you the grip to perform many of the spins and tricks. Please do not wear lotion. This will make it extremely difficult to keep a strong grip. 

For beginner classes: form-fitting clothes that expose the skin on your arms to your shoulders, and your legs from knees down.

More advanced classes: (requires more skin to be exposed to perform advanced tricks) short “boyshorts”, tank tops, and sports bras (for women) are appropriate. For men, tank tops or no shirt, and short biker shorts are appropriate.

All Levels: NO oils, lotions or moisturizes. Slippery hands and legs can impede pole gripping and can make for a dangerous situation.
Just as important…REMOVE all jewelry from you fingers, wrists, neck, ears, ankles, belly button, etc. Not only can it damage the pole’s surface, but can cause you bodily injury by scratching or piercing the skin, or even catching onto clothing.

4.Q. How old do I have to be to sign up for classes?
You must be 18 or older


5.Q. How fit do I have to be to feel comfortable in a class?
The beginner class is designed for all fitness levels. Like other fitness classes, we do not expect that you “get in shape” before taking our pole classes. These classes are meant to bring you to the physical level you are looking to achieve by combining strength and flexibility training together. As you advance, you will develop the upper body and core strength required for the intermediate/advanced level classes.

6.Q. What is the weight limit of the poles?
We use X-Pole brand poles. X-Pole does not have an official weight limit. X-Pole have set it up at high heights and have had 2 dancers (250+lbs) on a single X-Pert, at 14 ft high, and it has been completely secure! The X-Pert poles are professional grade poles that are VERY stable. You can do the most advanced move/tricks on them. If you set up any of the poles properly you literally cannot knock it down!

7.Q. Do I need to own a pole to take a pole class?
No, you do not need to own a pole. We provide poles in the classes for you to use.

9.Q. Is there Nudity?
We have a strict NO NUDITY policy. We show you how to do sexy dance moves and routines, then you go home and dance to your hearts content.

10.Q. What are the class sizes? Will I have my own pole?
We currently have 5 X-Pert X-poles in our studio, one instructor pole and 4 open to the class. We limit 2 students per pole. Many newbies don’t realize that you won't want your own pole for the full class because it can be hard on the body and you will need breaks! Trust me….after 10 minutes by yourself on the pole, you’ll welcome the break!

11.Q. What will I learn in the classes?
You will learn various moves and routines on the floor and pole. Classes are designed to be progressive so we encourage regular attendance in our series classes.  All moves are designed to combine strength conditioning, cardio and in Sensual Movements…a whole lot of sexy dance moves to wow yourself and anyone you chose to share your new talent with. You will learn to let go of your inhibitions and realize how special and talented you are. All classes are taught in a non-judgmental environment.

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