Trampoline Fitness

Benefits of Trampoline Fitness-

Improved cardiovascular health: Studies of both sedentary, middle-aged women and highly trained athletes alike demonstrate a modest but significant improvement in cardiovascular fitness with regular, 30-minute trampoline workouts. These gains, however, were not significantly different from those provided by treadmill workouts or more traditional forms of cardiovascular exercise.

Increased leg strength: College students who performed just 30 minutes of rebounding twice a week experienced significant increases in both leg power and leg strength. Similar results have been reported by gymnastics coaches, who regularly include trampoline work in their athletes’ training programs.

Perceived as easier than traditional aerobic activities: A small but interesting study found that, although the heart rates of sedentary women increased with increasing bounce rate, their rating of perceived exertion did not. This suggests that bouncing may feel easier and be more pleasurable to non-exercisers than other forms of cardiovascular exercise.

In addition to the benefits listed above, proponents of trampoline workouts also cite improved balance, core strengthening, better performance in sports requiring multi-directional movement, enhanced coordination, lymphatic drainage, and weight loss as reasons to include trampoline fitness in your fitness plan.


Trampoline Fitness classes have a 2 person minimum. (Ages 14+) If there is only one person booked for the class, we will contact you to put you in another class and allow you to bring a friend to an upcoming class at a discounted rate.


We understand that unexpected things come up. If you can't attend the class after booking and contact the studio within 4 hours of the class time, so we can open the slot back up, we would be happy to place you in another class. If you are a no-show, we will unfortunately need to charge you for this reservation due to limited space. Classes are 30 minutes long. Trampoline Fitness is ONLY offered at our Dover location.


What is Trampoline Fitness?

Trampoline Fitness works your lower back and leg muscles (including your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves) while also challenging your aerobic system. Essentially, it’s a great combo of cardio and strength training between the exercises and the dances, not to mention it's FUN! It's also very low-stress on the joints. Suitable for all fitness levels! 

Please wear a t-shirt or tank top with leggings/jogger pants or sweat pants. 
You will need SNEAKERS.


*Trampoline classes are scheduled through drop ins/ class passes. Class passes/drop ins are nonrefundable since it saves and reserves a trampoline for you.






Q: What do I wear to a Trampoline FITNESS class?

A: Wear comfortable clothing that you can move about in with ease. During the class you will be moving around and likely to become hot and sweaty, so make sure you can stay cool. You will need sneakers.

Q: Is there an age limit to attending Trampoline FITNESS classes?

A: Yes, we allow ages 14+ to attend our classes with a guardian.

Q: Do I need to bring anything with me to a Trampoline FITNESS class?

A: It is a vigorous workout so you are likely to become hot and sweaty. So it is a good idea to bring some drinking water with you. You may also wish to bring a small towel (but this is not essential)

Q: Will Trampoline FITNESS get me fit?

A: Yes! The class is designed to provide you with cardiovascular, strength, endurance, power and flexibility benefits, as well as a massive dose of adrenaline! We’re not kidding when we say it’s both exhilarating and effective.

Q: I sometimes have problems with my knees and back. Will I still be able to take part in Trampoline FITNESS?

A: Many participants who have attended bungee fitness with problem knees and back have found that Trampoline FITNESS has been well within their capability and the bungee effects have help alleviate knee and back discomfort for some. If you have an limitations please talk to your instructor before you begin so that we can create modifications for you if they are needed.

Q: Can I do trampoline classes if i'm pregnant?
A: NO, for safety reasons we do not suggest doing trampoline fitness classes if you are pregnant.


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